The Used Car Salesman

Dated: 06/08/2017

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Last time we were here, I spoke about giving back to the community.  I had so many great response that I decided to leave it up longer in hopes to inspire more people to lend a helping hand where they could.  I received many stories of people seeing someone that could use a hand and them taking the time to help them.  As well as people reaching out to organizations and asking to donate some of their time to help them out.  I was very happy to incite this feeling and inspire people.  

The Used Car Salesman

(Disclaimer:  Before you read this, I must state that not all used car salesmen or salesmen/saleswomen/sales associates/sales professionals are bad people by any means.  I am simply using this example because of the stereotype associated with them.  In fact, I know some very great car salesmen that I would be happy to refer business to and I have great respect for.  In fact, if you ever are in need of a car, I would be happy to send you their information.  Actually, if you ever want any referrals for anyone, I would be happy to send you information for who I feel is the best in their field.)

We have all seen that one person at some point in our life.  You know the one.  The gentleman standing in a used car lot, reeking of smoke, greased back hair, checkered suit jacket from the 80's, pink tie, rushing around to everyone who looks at the lot trying to get them to buy a car.  You probably had the feeling that you were about to get roped into a car that would break down moments after pulling off the lot.  This salesman would sell his own mother for a quick buck and was driven only by the almighty dollar.  They will use every tactic they have been taught to try and guilt you into buying a car that you don't need or want when you were just trying to get an oil change.  They will go as low as to tell you they like swimming in sewage if they feel that it would be something that would appeal to you.  For lack of a better term, the prototypical sleazeball.

I recall many years ago when I worked at a dealership, that there was a gentleman who would sell cars on the side since he wasn't a salesman.  I will never forget one car where he caulked the sunroof shut until it stopped leaking.  And then he pulled the dash apart to pull out the bulb for the check engine light since it was on.  The kind of thing where it made you wonder how someone could even sleep at night.  It really made me have a bad view of sales professionals for many years.  How could someone have so little regard for another person that they would cheat someone in order to fill their bank account.  I always hoped Karma would come back swiftly for them because I could not stand the thought of some poor person being conned into spending thousands of dollars only to find out that they needed to spend more than the car was worth in order to keep it running.  

This wasn't limited to car sales.  I had a negative outlook on anyone who worked in commission sales and made money by selling you something.  I figured either what they sold wouldn't work the way they promised, or they would force you to buy the most expensive product in order to increase their cut.  Often I would continuously tell every salesperson that I did not need any help and I would research the products myself.  Then I would find the lone person who never approached me and give them the sale.  I figured if he wasn't desperate enough to follow me like a shadow, then either he had enough money to pay his bills this month, or that he would respect someone as more than a sale and would wait until they needed help instead of trying to corner them.  For many years I believed that there was no way I would ever go into sales because of this perception.

So what about Real Estate?  Don't I now make commissions based off sales?  Aren't I now a salesman?  Well, although I am paid through commissions, I am not a salesman.  You see, Realtors are held to an ethical standard that means we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients to work in their best interests.  This means that Realtors are bound to hold your interests over their own.  Furthermore, Team Caropreso has a core belief that says no matter who you are or how much money you have, you will receive the best service possible.  We get to know you on a personal level and want to help you find the solution that makes the most sense for you and your situation.  We do not sell, instead we are Real Estate Consultants who use Real Estate to serve and assist you with your needs.  This is why 90% of our business is either repeat business or referrals from clients we have worked with.  We believe in Excellence in Real Estate down to the core of our beings.  Although we have bills that have to be paid, we know that when I focus on YOU, on YOUR goals, YOUR happiness, YOUR success, the money will take care of itself.  We enjoy the process of helping you buy and sell a home, and we truly look to help out our clients.  So feel free to reach out at any time in order to see what we can do for you.  We are always available for you.

Do you have any stories regarding a time when someone sold you something that you were unhappy with?  Or is there a salesperson that has exceeded your expectation and you believe served your needs better than anyone else could have?  Send me an email at and tell me about it.  I would love to get to know more about you and also add some excellent sales professionals to my network.  And as always, I am available at anytime to answer any questions and to assist you in buying, selling, renting, or investing in Real Estate.  Until next time, stay safe.  

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