Scam Artists Are Not Real Artists

Dated: 04/27/2017

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Last time I asked for your stories relating to technology.  I got several remarks about how I got the names of the various social media wrong.  I can assure you all that this was done intentionally.  As a Real Estate Consultant, I use all forms of Social Media in order to stay in touch with people.  One person reached out to me and gave me a link to a LifeHack article that had some information on it about technology that you would not believe already exists.  It was pretty neat, a Transparent Television, a SCUBA mask that encompasses your entire head so you breathe like you would on land, devices that detect thought patterns of your pets and also track their activity to alert you to possible medical problems.  It was all pretty neat stuff.  We really do live in an astonishing time where technology changes rapidly.

Scams.  We have all heard of them.  Most of us have suspected them in our lives.  They are coming from us at all angles.  I receive literally dozens of them in a week.  Everything from a long lost relative in Largo who won the lottery and left me money, to click here and we will download a virus onto your computer.  These seemingly random attacks on our lives are everywhere.  Email, Websites, Junk Mail, Door Knockers, Phone Calls.  You have to be on your toes 24/7 to make sure you aren't being taken for granted.  It used to be that every once in a while you would hear about one that was circling around and you shouldn't download the attachment.  Now it is such commonplace, that some people believe everything they come into contact with is a scam of some sort.  Who could blame them??  There are countless stories of how someone lost their life's savings or their identity because they fell victim to these hoaxes.  And unfortunately, some people believe that something is true, even when all of the signs are there that it is a scam.

I caught an episode of Dr. Phil quite a while back where a gentleman was sending thousands and thousands of dollars to someone.  He claimed this lady was in trouble and needed his help and he truly believed that she was going to be set free and come to be married to him.  Every time he tried to call her or see her, there was always an excuse.  All of the evidence showed that this person did not exist.  Yet this gentleman continued to wholeheartedly believe he was not a victim of a scam.  Heck, I am not even sure if I believe the story at all, it could have been all set up for TV!!

It is imperative that we stay on our toes and always ask for validation.  I had someone reach out to me once stating that a listing we had was being marketed on a website where the "owner" was asking for a down payment up front and he would send the keys.  I called and spoke with this person and even when I explained to him that our team represented the owner, I had met the owner personally and it was not him, he still continued to claim he was the owner.  These individuals who do these things seemingly will lie even when presented with irrefutable evidence.  

In the world of Real Estate, there are lots of scams out there to try and steal money or information.  I have seen instances where someone wanted closing money to be wired to a different bank, someone claiming they owned a home when they didn't, and even emails with links that look to be legitimate but are not from anyone we are doing business with.  It is critical to your safety and security, that you fact check everything with your Realtor.  Our team has many tools available to us that will allow us to make sure that we keep you protected.  We will use our resources to verify whether we believe something is true or a scam, and we will not stop until we are certain of the answer.  We understand that this is your livelihood at stake, and we are in the business of helping you achieve the best life possible.  We just happen to use Real Estate as our tool of choice.

So what scams are you aware of out there?  Have any stories where someone tried to fool you but outsmarted them?  Send me your thoughts at
And remember, if you ever have any questions at all, or if there is ever anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to reach out to me.  Thank you all, and stay safe.  

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