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Dated: 07/07/2017

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Last time we were here, I was speaking about my experiences with being wrapped up in a story.  I received a few good suggestions for some shows and books to get involved in.  I will have to try my best to do so.  In my career, a lot of time is spent helping all of you with buying and selling Real Estate.  And in doing so, I get to a part of some of the best stories.

Consider it Considerate

I was in line at the grocery store the other day when I came up with this topic.  Here is what happened, I was standing in line at the register for 10 items or less.  As the customer in front of me grabbed their things and walked away, I asked the cashier how her day was.  She mumbled something and I had to ask her to repeat herself.  She said she would be doing great if people could read.  I was a little puzzled and then she said, "the person behind you is in my lane and has an entire cart full of items, definitely more than 10 items."  I turned to look and there was a woman who was in line and not concerned with anything other than getting out of the store as quickly as she could.  The cashier then noted that the lady wasn't putting any of her items on the belt and that the cashier would wind up having to do it all by herself.  I apologized to the cashier and wound up leaving.

It took me some thought to really gain value out of this exchange, but what I realized is that the lady behind me did very little wrong, but was able to negatively affect the cashier tremendously.  Because this lady not only broke the rules of the line, but did not bother with the unspoken rule of putting her items on the belt, the cashier whom was normally bubbly, was aggravated and grumbled during my exchange with her.  Further more, as I left, I could feel a little bit of frustration for the cashier.  How could someone just ignore being courteous and not have enough respect for someone else?  When i got to my truck, I realized how I could have easily been worked up over this.

You see, when someone does something that frustrates you, or that you perceive as wrong, you tend to act accordingly.  This means that you are more likely to do the same to someone else.  For instance, have you ever had someone cut you off on the road?  I would bet that you at least wish that person would get pulled over.  Some people, go as far as trying to chase that person down and cut them off.  Either way, it usually results in you driving closer to other cars to prevent it from happening again, which leaves other drivers to feel that you are cutting them off, and it just keeps going around in cycles.  On the flip side, have you ever witnessed a driver slowing to let someone come into traffic, or some other obvious nice gesture?  It entices you to do the same for the next person and makes everyone a little more courteous.

My point here, is that when you consider other people, and truly put forth an effort, you can effect others around you to act in the same manner.  When you make a nice gesture towards someone, everyone around instantly feels that they should do the same for someone else.  And when someone becomes visibly frustrated and causes a disruption, you can stop the spread by being conscious of your behavior.  It is kind of like the butterfly effect, where even the smallest gesture can cause large ripples over vast areas.  It is up to each of us to make sure they are positive gestures.

So, now I am left with how do I tie this into Real Estate?  You thought I might not do it this time didn't you?  Actually, being considerate of our clients wants, needs, and feelings is how we operate a daily basis.  We  at Team Caropreso, make sure to remain positive in every situation and maintain the best interests of each and every one of you.  This way, when a small bump in the road happens, we can help you to view all sides of the coin and make sure it keeps you on track to achieving your goals.  We do not feed off any negativity that may be present by any of the other parties involved, because that doesn't help you in any way, shape or form.  We want to make sure you are aware of all of the facts and are able to make a decision whenever necessary that will benefit you for years to come.  We can only do this by considering your best interests and helping you to realize which actions are more likely to lead to a positive outcome.  

What are some ways you have made sure to consider other people?  Have you ever been in a situation where you witnessed a kind act and then witnessed others or yourself acting accordingly?  Feel free to tell me your stories at  And as always, if you ever have any ideas, or would like to know about any aspect of Real Estate, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us at any time.  Until next time, stay safe, and consider being considerate of others around you.  

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