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Dated: 04/14/2017

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Last time I asked for your thoughts and experiences of when you thought you got one thing but wound up with something else. Here was a positive one that I liked:

I bought a computer and thought it was the computer that was on sale. When we got to the cash register it was more than double the price. We asked what happened and found out it was their mistake and that this wasn't the computer that was on sale. They wound up giving us this computer, that was top of the line in every way, for the price of the one that was on sale. We saved about $800. 

The advancement of Technology

Have you ever sat back and thought about how quickly technology changes?  I mean think about this for a moment, when the latest and greatest computer hits the shelf, it is already 6 months behind at a minimum, in terms of where technology is.  Companies find it difficult to produce a product before it is already obsolete.  The wars between companies over who has the best product has generated a fast and furious makeover of everything we come into contact with.  One example I can think of is that I started driving about 15 years ago.  When I started driving, I don't really recall any vehicles having a GPS, Satellite radio wasn't a staple, I still had a cassette player in the car, and that's really about it.  There wasn't much fancy to it.  Now, we have cars that come with 360 degree camera views, park themselves, drive themselves, stop themselves, and they connect to smart phones which make the possibilities endless.  It is amazing in what happens in a short 15 years.  

Not to mention, the wars that start between companies over which direction to go in.  Do you remember when DVD's were all the rage and then television came out with High Definition?  The next logical advancement was a high definition movie experience.  This brought out Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs.  People went either one way or another in the battle over which was better.  Until eventually, Blu-ray won, and everyone who bought an HD-DVD or their players were left behind and had to admit defeat.  This was the modern day equivalent to the 8-tracks vs Cassettes.  And now these battles and advancements happen so frequently and swiftly, that we barely recognize them anymore.  Each year we get a new phone with new features, the wireless networks are upgraded, internet speeds get faster, video resolution gets sharper, etc.  It could be a full time just trying to keep up with it all.
I myself have grown up and have seen computers enter the homes, mobile phones enter the pockets, ipods become iphones, TVs go from bulky furniture to slim wall hangings.  And that is just the physical world.  When you get online, things really get crazy.  I can barely keep up with the FaceChat, Insta Space, Tweeter, and all the other social media out there.  It took me a very long time to get a MySpace account, and the same with switching to FaceBook.  Now it is imperative that we all have multiple accounts and stay connected and constantly in touch with each other and the world.  There is another full time job for you, managing your social media life.
In the mix of all of this, comes advances in how the Real Estate industry functions.  You have a lot of great technology at your hands and are able to answer your questions about homes without speaking with a Real Estate Consultant, but that technology does not have boots on the ground that truly evaluate the condition of the homes, the market stability, and the traffic of buyers that go through them.  The technology available to the consumer allows them to see what homes are out there, but that's it.  And quite frankly, that really isn't enough.  Pictures do not always tell the whole story, information could be incorrect on the listings, things aren't as they always appear.  Which is why it is imperative to use a Realtor to view the homes, to fact check the listings, and to give you expert advice on each and every home.  In addition, a qualified Realtor will use the technology available to them to enhance your experience.  In fact, I have often used video chat to show a home to clients accross the country in order for them to see room sizes, answer questions, and verify if the house will meet their standards.  Technology is definitely an asset to the Real Estate Industry, but it is not the end all be all.  This is my Full Time job, using technology and experience to assist others in making a great decision in the world of Real Estate to improve the quality of their lives.  
How about you?  How has the advancement of technology impacted your life or industry?  What have you witnessed throughout the years?  Have you had a difficult time keeping up or do you live for the next new thing?  I cannot wait to hear from you.  So email me your thoughts and opinions at  And as always, feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any questions or are in need of any assistance.  Thank you all, and I hope everyone has/has had a great Easter weekend.  

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