A Good Story

Dated: 06/22/2017

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Last time we were here I was speaking about the age old stereotype of a Salesman.  I received a couple of your emails, but I absolutely love this story.  One of you went into a Dealership and asked a salesman to help you because you a had a baby on the way and you needed a reliable car.  Long story short, this Salesman was able to give them Dealer Price plus Incentives and Rebates, gave up almost all of his commission, and even threw in the cash that the dealership receives when they sell a car.  They were able to purchase a car that had a sticker price of about $19,000, for an out the door price of under $14,000.  That may not seem like much, but on cars in this price range, that is quite unheard of.

A Good Story
When was the last time you read a book?  Did you enjoy it, or were you doing it because someone made you?  What shows have you just been sucked into and wound up binge watching?  If I have one trait that truly is a blessing and a curse, it is that I am a sucker for a good story.  I have this problem that if I sit down for a minute and see part of a T.V. show, I have to see the how it ends.  I cannot stand not knowing the full story and how it plays out.  Even when it is obvious because you know they won't let the good guy get captured, or the bomb will stop a second before it goes off.  It doesn't matter, I have this sense of anxiousness that requires that I know the complete story.  It is so bad that I honestly avoid T.V. as much as I can.  However, my Fiance has a real good habit of starting her shows and then looking at me innocently after a minute to ask if I would like to change it, knowing the entire time that I have to see what happens.

And let us not even get started on cliff hangers.  There is only one show that I can say I have faithfully kept up with.  It is a popular show with a group of people fighting other living people while trying not to be bit by non-living walkers.  This show is the king of having a season end on a cliff hanger, leaving me to be anxious for months at a time waiting to see what happens.  Popular streaming services were made for me so that I do not have to wait to see what happens next, which is how I started this show.  But now that I am all caught up, I am left to wait to see another 8 episodes before it happens all over again.  Luckily for myself, I only follow this one show, so it doesn't effect me too much.  But then my Fiance puts on another episode of what she is watching and dares me not to look.

I use this reference to T.V. because I know it is the most relatable, but this can happen with books as well.  I have stayed up well past bed time on many nights swearing I would read only one more chapter, only to read through 4 more before I force myself to put the book down.  A book has an advantage for me because it isn't bound by time slots on T.V.  It can elaborate more on the subject and allow you to use your imagination to paint a picture in a world that only you can envision.  You can hear the voices and see the faces of characters whom only you will ever know, because each individual's experience will be different.   I feel like this allows each person to become more involved with a book because their minds will transform the words into a world that is of their own taste.  The words can help limit you some, but the details of your imagination will never be duplicated and will create something that is a part of you.

So when I am looking at houses with clients, I try to figure out the story.  Every home has a history, whether it is brand new or is older than anyone alive today, they each have a story to tell.  Team Caropreso prides itself in researching and searching for details, pieces of information to help put that story together.  Whether that means how may owners have lived there, or what construction methods may have been used, or how many times a home may have been updated.  We use our experiences viewing and selling hundreds of homes, to be aware of details that will help us tell the story to our clients, allowing them to make a knowledgeable decision as to whether they want this home to be a part of their story.  From beginning to end, our clients allow us to become a part of their story as much as they become a part of ours.  In most cases, those stories do not end as they continue to come back to add in more chapters or to update us as to what has transpired since we had last spoken.  Leaving us to feel anxious about the next time we meet so that we can learn what has happened next.  We truly value these stories and love having the opportunity to become a part of yours.

So what stories have you enjoyed?  What are your favorite shows?  Do you have the same issue I do, or can you just turn away and never know what happens without giving it a second thought?  Has this sparked a thought in your mind that you would like to share?  Do you have any ideas of what I should write about next?  Feel free to reach out and send me all of your thoughts an opinions at Christopher@TeamCaropreso.com.   And as always, We would be happy to speak with you regarding any questions or thoughts you have relating to buying, selling, renting, investing, or anything else in Real Estate.  Until next time, same blog time, same blog channel.  

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