Top 4 Reasons To Buy A Home In 2019

Dated: 01/03/2019

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More often than not, people are advised to purchase a home for financial reasons.  However, there are emotional factors that influence a person when deciding to purchase a home.  These emotions are more motivating than logical reasons to purchase a home.  Interestingly enough, the top 4 reasons people purchase a home are discussed below:

1. Stability

Owning a home offers many people a sense of stability.  This is impactful when making decisions to start a family and deciding a location of owning a home.

2. Expansion

Many people choose to purchase a home for increase need of space.  Either they choose to start a family, the children (and children's belongings) are over taking current space, or an elderly relative needs to move in; many people choose to purchase in order to gain room!

3. Making It your Own

 The increasing popularity of HGTV shows and Pins on Pinterest, people are embracing their creative sides and want to purchase so they can tackle these renovation ideas!   

4. Belonging 

Owning a home provides a feeling of comfort knowing that at the end of the day, a person has a place to return.  As the saying goes, "there's no place like home!"

Regardless of the reasons why you want to purchase a home, NOW is the time to buy before interest rates RISE!!!  Search homes now on our website or call us 410-384-4800, to schedule a Free HomeBuyers Consult Today!

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