Why You SHOULD List Your Home For Sale During The Holidays

Dated: 11/19/2018

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Why Waiting to List Your Home After The Holidays Is A Bad Idea: 

Every holiday season, potential sellers decide to wait to list their home for sale after the holiday season and many sellers miss out on a large amount of homebuyers.  In addition, current sellers decide to take their home off the market and relist after the holidays and miss many opprotunites to have their home sold.  Waiting or delaying to sell your home after the holidays is a BAD idea for several reasons:

1.  Buyers are relocating during the holidays

Many companies throughout the country are relocating homebuyers for new jobs even during the holiday season.  These homebuyers need to find and settle quickly on a home, so they can begin their new employment.

2.  Buyers who are looking during the holidays are SERIOUS

Instead of shopping for gifts, these homebuyers are taking time to look for homes.  These homebuyers are serious and many want to close as quickly as possible, meaning you will get to settlement faster!

3.  Houses decorated for the holiday show better

Homes show better with decorations and lights; however keep the decorations tasteful and DO NOT go overboard on the amount of decorations.  You do not want homebuyers distracted by your elborate decorations and miss the key factors of the home.

4.  The competition is lower as there are less homes for SALE

The inventory of homes for sale in the winter months is approximately 20 to 30 percent lower than compared to the rest of the year, meaning your chances of selling are higher!  Buyers need to buy a home even during the holidays, and your home has less competition!

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5.  Competition increases AFTER the holidays 

Once the holidays have ceased, homeowners who put off selling their home have their home listed within the first few weeks of the new year.  Now your home is competing with a larger amount of inventory whereas your home could have been SOLD if you had listed it for SALE during the holidays.


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