Team Caropreso Testimonials

Selling & buying a home can be a stressful process.

However, with the support and guidance of Team Caropreso, I felt at ease and confident because I was in the 'hands' of a very experienced and personable team. Both on an individual level and as a team level, I felt the passion and genuine care throughout the process. I would highly recommend Team Caropreso.

D. Golliday

Vince provided candid and practical advice for readying the home for sale rather than say upgrade everything.

It was a few critical items that would appeal to the buyer community and make inspection easier. I also remember a statement from Vince, "these are comps for the area but let's wait to set the price based on what is for sale on the day we actually list". I believe that strategy understands the market, fluidity of the market and how to get the most from the sale of a house. The team was very efficient with communications, follow up with prospective buyers and minimized the administrative effort required in the process.

J. Bonner

Team Caropreso is by far, in my opinion, the BEST Real Estate Team around.

I did a ton of research before choosing a real estate agent to sell our home, and interviewed many agents. It was exhausting to try and find someone you really believed in that isn't just trying to make a dollar, but also has your best interest in mind. Vince was a straight shooter, he told us what needed to still be done to the house in-order to be market ready. Plus, provided us with a list of all different contractors that could help. Nothing but complete support and gaudiness throughout the entire process, from the very first meeting, to the day you are sitting at the closing table. His team is top notch! They all work very hard to ensure you are happy. Because of this amazing team, our home was under contract in just 21 days! My husband and I couldn't believe it, and we sold for the amount that we needed. Then we needed to find a new home, which is where Melinda came in to play. I could not wait to meet her after all the great reviews I had read, trust me she is on point, not to mention an amazing person. Never once did she ever sway us in the wrong direction. Melinda kept us focused on what we were really looking for in our new home, verses letting us getting caught up in one aspect. She pointed out things, made sure that everything was being brought to our attention. Looked into every house thoroughly as if she was the one buying the home. If she didn't think the home was right for us after we looked at it, she would tell us, and give us her reasons on why. A lot of real estate agents will try to up-sell you, but with Team Caropreso that's not the case. Melinda kept us within what we wanted our budget to be, it was never about the amount we were approved to buy, more about staying at where we could be comfortable. When it came to us purchasing a new home, we had nothing but total gaudiness and support throughout the entire process. Melinda only had our best interest in heart, that's not a quality often found in real estate. Due to Team Caropreso's dedication to my family, we were able to move out of the home we sold, and moved into the new home all in the same day. This team is in control the whole time, they do not leave your side, never leave you with lose ends. I'm so thankful that we chose to go with Vince and Melinda. We not only got the most incredible real estate team around, but we also gained wonderful friends. They aren't looking for the quick sale, they are looking for lifetime clients. Based on our experienced, there isn't another team out there my family would hire that could come close to compare with Team Caropreso. Thank you Team Caropreso for everything! With Love, The Sellers Family

Michelle Sellers

Chris did an excellent job.

He was available 99.9% of the time and moved things around to make the time. He was a great listener when I needed to vent about the other playmakers in the process. Always professional. Thanks.

Todd Brenecki

Christopher helped to make our first time home buying a breeze!

The entire real estate team and their recommended services were communicative and super helpful! We got all our "wants" for our first home and couldn't be happier!

Victoria Plante

Vince and his team went above and beyond their responsibilities.

They helped sell my home and buy a new home on the Easter Shore. When we had issues with the getting home inspected his team worked with me and my wife to get the issues resolved.

Peter Wood

Great experience, we sold a home and bought a home with Team Caropreso and it was smooth sailing for each transaction.

We had a hard time trying to sell our home for sale by owner and they helped us sell when we couldn't get it sold and then we purchased our "forever home" through them.

Phil and Jessica Rogers

This is the second house Vince has sold for us.

He is undoubtedly the best person for this job. I was really stressed and he told me "Be cool, I got it for you." and he did. I will send him to anybody who has problems selling a house. Luckily we sold fast. Vince is the best and no better out there, good friend also. +++++ Keller Williams #1.

Lewis and Lisa Hubbard

"Very helpful and knowledgeable of getting me to understand the market.

Sold and purchased homes through Team Caropreso and made the transactions go as smooth as possible.. Recommend them to all."


"Thank you for your excellent service when I was searching for my house.

You were able to find a great bargain and knew what I was looking for without being pushy. You helped to secure the deal when it was time to negoiate the price. Thanks again for all your hard work."


"fast , friendly service, Vince was there when we needed him and made our home buying experience painless.

We would highly recommend him."


"I want to express my sincere appreciation for all that you do for your clients.

I have never met anyone more considerate, helpful, sincere and honest , most especially in the real estate field. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure and you may tell all that you are the BEST! I will always call upon Team Caropreso for ALL my real estate needs forever! Thank you for being the professional that you are. I would recommend you and Vince to anyone and everyone."


"Vince is a very energetic and knowledgable guy.

He listened to my wants and needs and helped guide me in the right direction. Vince, thanks for all your help. Past, Present and Future."

M. Crossan

"I found Vince and three other realtors on a website.

I called and set up appointments with all of them. Vince was the first to respond and my first interview. He brought all comparable to my property, and answered all my questions. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but he told me what I needed to hear. The day of the interview I told him that I would be in touch and that I had two other realtors to meet with. I never felt pressured to sign with him. The next day I cancelled my other appointments. I know a good thing when I see it and I wasn't disappointed. I was given plenty of notice when my house had a showing. The operators were always very polite and friendly. We are scheduled to close next month and I am working with mario to find my new home. He has been a very big help. I would definitely recommend Team Caropreso to my family and friends"

S. Hoyle

"My wife and I had a good experience with Vince when we bought our house, so we'd certainly use him again if we were to sell or buy a home.



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